Corporate Trusts

If you plan to issue tax-exempt bonds, Seaway has the experienced staff who can administer your bond issue. We will support your issue, from pre-closing through closing, including making payments and reporting requirements.

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The technology we use provides you with debt issuance flexibility and insures compliance with depository regulations. Our system tracks interest rates, handles book-entry issues, and allows us to service calls and redemption requirements. A tickler system tracks indenture compliance and critical dates. 

Seaway currently serves as Trustee, Escrow Agent, Registrar and/or Paying Agent for various types of debt financing. The department's portfolio is comprised of more than $8 billion in municipal bonds. Clients include regional municipalities, state authorities and agencies, educational institutions and others. Our staff has more than 50 years of combined experience with corporate bond issues. Staff training and development are an integral part of our operation and keeps us abreast of trust regulatory and industry trends. Quality customer service is our foremost concern, and our support personnel provide timely and responsive service to ensure that issuer’s needs are satisfied. 

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