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Change User ID

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The Change User ID page is used to change your Online Banking user ID. This user ID is used to access your account information online and can only be changed once.

You can access the Change User ID page by clicking the Change User ID link on the Customer Service Index page.

  1. Click the Customer Service tab.

    Result: The Customer Service Index page is displayed.

  2. Click Change User ID.

    Result: The Change User ID page is displayed.

  3. Enter a new User ID.

    Note: Your user ID is case sensitive and must include both letters and numbers. It cannot begin or end with a space and cannot include a single quotation mark, a pipe, a backslash, a greater-than symbol, or a less-than symbol.

  4. Enter the new user ID again in the Confirm New User ID field.
  5. Click Submit.

    Result: The Change User ID Confirmation page is displayed.

We will send an online banking message and an e-mail confirming this change.

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Note: It is possible that the online help describes features that we do not support or that are not available to all of our customers. If you still have questions, please contact Customer Support.